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I'm Jake - I write weekly posts on self-improvement, productivity and more. Thinking out loud about anything and everything to become 1% better everyday.

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How to sleep better and be happier in 3 easy steps.

A great way to improve sleep is to focus on your sleep environment. Get it right once, and you'll benefit massively over time. In this post, we'll look at 3 easy ways how.


πŸ“– Why I Love My Kindle Paperwhite

If you're anything like me, you love reading. But what if I said it could be even better? Let me introduce you to my favourite thing, the Kindle Papewhite.


πŸ“™ Show Your Work! - Austin Kleon (Book Notes/Review)

This book was the main reason I decided to start writing online and putting my thoughts and ideas onto the internet. I think it's super important for everyone to read - it's a book for anyone and everyone! Here's my thoughts.


πŸ“§ 6 Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Email

Here's a question. Is email a massive pain in the a***? If your answer is yes, do you think it's meant to be? It doesn’t have to be this way! When done right, email can be great - and I’m going to show you how.


πŸ“ How to Get MORE Work Done

The Pomodoro Method is an super-effective productivity hack that enables you to get more done. It's a great time-management method that helps you ignore distractions and stay focused.